4 Things Nobody Told Me Would Happen When I Met Tapas

Tapas, Self-Discipline, and the path to Inner Wisdom-

In Sanskrit it means to burn… it is our passion, motivation, drive, and enthusiasm rolled into one eternal flame that lights the way to our highest good. It is said to be one of the most difficult of the Niyamas, and there is no debate that it requires showing up for yourself moment to moment, day by day, year over year.

And….. it can suck. I mean, really suck. Tapas is uncomfortable, Tapas is a mirror, and Tapas isn’t afraid to expose you.

In great freedom you will find great discipline. It teaches us to delay gratification, meet ourselves with compassion, and understand the limitations of our implicit biases. There are many prescriptions to live a healthful life; yoga, mindfulness, meditation, plant based diets, and exercise- but what about what actually, truly happens when we decide to invoke the power of Tapas and turn our attention towards becoming more disciplined? Here’s 4 things nobody told me would happen when I met tapas.

  1. You will grieve. Expect heavy stuff to come up for you as you begin repatterning your life and behavioral tendencies. You will feel confused, and experience at times a deep feeling of detached loneliness. As you bid adieu to former versions of yourself that no longer serve you, you will feel sadness for the loss of these personas. They will tempt you to return with their sense of familiarity, and it will take time to make peace with their presence and their history within you. You will stumble and fall down, and you will rise. It will be a constant. There is no magic pill- no band aid or amount of yoga classes you can go to will change this fact. Sitting with the messy, hard stuff is not easy. Many gurus and influencers will make enlightenment and its discipline seem glamorous. I can assure you that it is most definitely not.
  2. You will lose friends, loved ones, new and old relationships, and the feeling of being “in” the loop on events and experiences. As you choose yourself and your health, goals and wellbeing over toxic relationships and experiences with people who do not share your level of commitment, you will become what feels like less popular. When we re-train our brain it takes time and repetition.

Take it, and own it, because the moment that you do……

  1. Your soul family will start to show up. They will ARRIVE with bells ON. Once you have made enough space, angels, guides, mentors, and those who have your highest good in their hearts and minds will conspire to meet you where you are on your path and enhance your journey- mind, body, and spirit. They say that when the student is ready, the master appears. This is that time when those who are in your corner arrive to bear witness to you taking the form of your higher self. Trust in this. Surrender as often as you can to the help of others. This is your time to experience your limitless potential, and it is about as scary as it gets. You will need support.
  2. Your messages will get loud and clear. Once you commit to your practices, rituals, and routines the ripple and vibration you send out into the universe will be heard, acknowledged, and responded to. You will start to sleep better, remain calm in the face of adversity, get extremely clear about reading others, and feel that everything is happening right on time. It is. Conversely, you will feel even more averse to any self-harming actions like negative thinking, mind altering substances, or underserving relationships. It is all connected to your commitment. Raise your vibration and watch your abilities flourish, beautiful sentient being.

In Peace and Power,

Em of M&M

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