Real, Attainable Self-Care for COVID-19

As we continue to digest the influx of information that has resulted from the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are all faced with new ways of seeing, looking inward, and observing our responses to our environments.

In yoga, we call these the 5 Niyamas, or our “inner observances.”  I want to share some of my favorite ways to look towards the 5 Niyamas with a list of self-care and love activities that are both realistic and attainable as we ebb and flow together through the waves.

The 5 Niyamas are:

“Saucha” — Sanskrit for “Purity”

“Santosha” — Sanskrit for “Contentment”

“Tapas” — Sanskrit for “Self-Discipline”

“Svadhyaya” — Sanskrit for “Self-Study”

“Ishvara pranidhana” — Sanskrit for “Surrender to a Higher Source”

Each Niyama will have it’s own Blog article with self-care ideas for the describing term associated, starting today with Niyama 1!

Niyama 1:

“Saucha” — Sanskrit for “Purity”

-*- Time to water your roots -*-

The act of purifying is often associated with cleansing the body, mind and spirit. It also pertains to our speech and the way we speak not only about the world and those around us, but ourselves. Here’s a few acts of purification for the modern purist:

Make a rose water toner to tone down your ego

Do you feel your ego rising? These times of deep uncertainty and questioning of self beckon our ego to come out and play, sometimes holding a mirror up to the sides of us that we’d rather not face. Rose water won’t cure that, but it will certainly help. Rose water has been used historically to treat everything from skin irritation to menstrual cramps, and its calming scent has been found to reduce anxiety and depression. To DIY your own- pick rose petals (pink have the best, most authentic rose-like scent) boil in H20, drain petals, & store in the fridge. The link below offers a great step by step method. Voila! You smell amazing, dahhling! If you don’t want to DIY you can typically find some at your local grocery store or market.

DIY link here: Came out smelling like a rose

Get a shower light! Pair it with music! Dance responsibly!

Who says you can’t have a rainbow light show of prismatic refraction while you cleanse your beautiful being? Hook a light up in your shower… maybe a speaker too?! Have a dance party. Bathe like the illustrious being that you are. Studies have shown that when we dance, sing and create we are brought more joy than any other leisure activity that we could participate in. Don’t have a shower light? Put your headphones in and shake it wherever you feel most comfortable, sing & allow your body to move in a way that feels good for you. Trust me, you’re worth it. This rhythmic movement stirs up feelings of joy and gives them a cleared space to arrive back to when you decide to have another personal dance party (bet you will).

Link to a shower light:  Be The Light

Pumice stone your sole (s)

Tending to your feet is an extreme act of love that sends a message to the rest of your being that you care about each step in your journey, not just the destination. Grab a pumice stone and chip away at winter’s unearthed feet bottoms while in the shower or tub. This volcanic rock is safe for rough patches of calloused skin when used moderately. Exfoliate gently on wet feet with a wet stone in small semi-circles. Moisturize your feet & sleep with your socks on (if you can stand it). Wake up & send your feet some love for carrying you through these challenging times, because you are remarkable and so, so capable. Don’t have access to one? No problem. Washing your feet mindfully in water is all that your body needs to get the message that you appreciate it’s abilities.

Link below for best 5 stones this May: Peace is every step

Burn. Some. Sh*t.

Do you have access to a fire? One of the most ancient and holistic methods used to purify stale energy is to create a fire and let the energies burn off into the atmosphere. I recommend unwanted old papers, bills, safe to burn materials of all kinds and anything else that you deem “burn-worthy.” Before you throw it in the fire, give it a send off by saying “thank you for your services, but they are no longer needed.” If you don’t have access to a fire, burning Sage or Palo Santo are great alternatives to clear your space. This verbalization allows space for energetic closure. In this period with so much time for reflection, old attachments may reveal themselves in a way that is difficult to eradicate ourselves from. The immediate satisfaction of fire can help to quiet the mind when these feelings bubble to the surface for processing, giving you a grounding sense of control over the immediate situation.

What are you saying?

How many times in a week do you talk down to yourself? How often are you speaking negatively about others based on judgement or presumptions? Saucha teaches us that what we speak into existence is something that we need to be extremely mindful of. Can you replace “I’m such an idiot” with “I made a mistake, and that’s okay because I am human.” ? Take 1 week and journal or make a quick note in your phone every time you are drawn to negative self-talk or negative utterings regarding others. This simple act of documenting and observing should reveal to you all that you need to know about how you’re treating yourself. The cells in your body- your energetic (electrical) frequency, is responding to each word, motion, and action that you take. Choose wisely. Choose to be gentle with yourself dear one, you are a work in progress and process and nobody possesses your uniqueness. Chose your own divinity and watch your body and mind respond in ways you never thought possible.

Up Next:  “Santosha” — Sanskrit for “contentment” – activities that invoke contentment, coming soon!

LOVE, Em of M&M

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