I am over the moon thrilled that you made it here.  Here’s a few fun facts to give you more insight into M&M.

  • Group yoga classes are held at https://numvmnt.com/https://www.yogalovehf.com, and https://www.truyogarochester.com/
  • Check the calendar tab to see the full yoga schedule- it’s always changing and evolving!
  • Private sessions and workshops are held in Rochester NY, https://numvmnt.com/ at at our farm property in Gorham, NY, or in the comfort of your very own home! My goal is to make you feel comfortable, so please let me know your vision for your wellness experience.
  • I started yoga about ten years ago to help deal with emotional anxiety, trauma, and physical flexibility. It ended up being nothing like I thought it would be. Once I started showing up to class, I knew that I was home. It has carried me through all of my major life experiences, and I knew that eventually I needed to share it’s benefits with others to give back the gift that I had received. You can expect my classes to be inviting, insightful, affirming, and philosophical.
  • The same path is true for me with Reiki, which I started about 5 years ago. Once I began my Mastership, I felt like the final piece of my healing puzzle had clicked in. Reiki has helped me to harness this amazing universal energy to be a conduit for healing others. Often times during healing sessions I will get intuitive messages for you. If you so choose, I am happy to vocalize them to you during or after your session.
  • I would absolutely love to create a custom wellness experience for you. If you are interested in for example, doing a Yoga class, receiving Reiki and then working on some personal goals all in one day- we can make that happen!
  • The goal of M&M is to provide customized wellness experiences that leave you feeling energized and fully restored- mind body and spirit.