We intentionally partner with mission-aligned, vetted, and certified healers from various backgrounds to create safe and inviting spaces for our events, retreats, and workshops




Ongoing, 2020- Yoga & Meditation in the Urban Garden Series in Partnership with Bitter Honey: with Urban Farm Tour of Taproot Collective and First Market Farm, Rochester NY

Ongoing, 2020- Co-Create Urban Garden and Elevate Community Foundation: Yoga and Sound Therapy Creatrix Twilight Events Series 

Jul 23-25, 2021- Heart Sounds: Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Therapy Retreat, Rockaway, NY

Sep 4-5, 2021- Sacred Space: Yoga, Meditation and Sound Therapy Retreat, Rockaway, NY

Feb 22-23, 2021- Farm Day Retreat: Yoga, Sound Therapy, and Native Food Cultivation Workshop, Moca, Puerto Rico

Ongoing, 2022-2023- Yoga and Sound Therapy Wellness Access and Inclusivity Donation-Based Pilot Project for Community Education, in partnership with Plant Base Vegan Community Market, Jersey City, NJ

Aug 12-14, 2022- Summer Sweetness: Yoga, Sound Therapy, Organic Gardening Retreat, Fingerlakes, NY

Aug 25-29, 2022- Radiant You Wellness Retreat: Yoga, Sound Therapy, Nature Therapy Naples, NY

Nov 19-20, 2022 – Fall Reset at the FarmhouseYoga, Sound Therapy and Creative Artistic Expression Retreat, Stanley, NY 

Dec 16-17, 2022- Gratitude Heals: Yoga, Meditation and Sound Therapy Retreat, Rockaway, NY

Dec 4- 2022- Rejuvenate Retreat: Yoga, Meditation, Sound Therapy, Acupuncture, Foraging, Energy Work, Radiant You Wellness, Palmyra, NY

Apr 16-17- The Frequency Healing Experience Retreat: Yoga, Sound Therapy, Nature Immersion, Añasco, Puerto Rico

May 3-7, 2023- Moonlight Yoga & Sound Therapy Retreat: Yoga, Sound Therapy, Organic Food Cultivation, Creative Expression, Rincón, Puerto Rico

Aug 12-13, 2023- Solar Return Yoga, Sound Therapy & Creative Expression Overnight Camping Retreat, Stanley, NY

2022-Current: Monthly Donation-Based recurring Event: Gentle Yoga and Sound Healing with Cait Lawson, Rincón  Puerto Rico

February 3, 2024- Prānāyāma Workshop at True Tattoo with Cait Lawson

2023 Ongoing- THE PRACTICE: – Monthly workshops with facilitators Cait Lawson ERYT-200, YM -500, YACEP and Emily Awad MS, ERYT-200, RYT-500, YACEP that combine the traditional yogic practices of: Asana, Meditation, Prānāyāma, Philosophy/Self-Study