We intentionally partner with mission-aligned, vetted, and certified healers from various backgrounds to create safe and inviting spaces for our events, retreats, and workshops



NEW Retreats will be posted on our recently created sister Website, mossandmoonretreat.com


Ongoing, 2020- Yoga & Meditation in the Urban Garden Series in Partnership with Bitter Honey: with Urban Farm Tour of Taproot Collective and First Market Farm, Rochester NY

Ongoing, 2020- Co-Create Urban Garden and Elevate Community Foundation: Yoga and Sound Therapy Creatrix Twilight Events Series 

Jul 23-25, 2021- Heart Sounds: Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Therapy Retreat, Rockaway, NY

Sep 4-5, 2021- Sacred Space: Yoga, Meditation and Sound Therapy Retreat, Rockaway, NY

Feb 22-23, 2021- Farm Day Retreat: Yoga, Sound Therapy, and Native Food Cultivation Workshop, Moca, Puerto Rico

Ongoing, 2022-2023- Yoga and Sound Therapy Wellness Access and Inclusivity Donation-Based Pilot Project for Community Education, in partnership with Plant Base Vegan Community Market, Jersey City, NJ

Aug 12-14, 2022- Summer Sweetness: Yoga, Sound Therapy, Organic Gardening Retreat, Fingerlakes, NY

Aug 25-29, 2022- Radiant You Wellness Retreat: Yoga, Sound Therapy, Nature Therapy Naples, NY

Nov 19-20, 2022 – Fall Reset at the FarmhouseYoga, Sound Therapy and Creative Artistic Expression Retreat, Stanley, NY 

Dec 16-17, 2022- Gratitude Heals: Yoga, Meditation and Sound Therapy Retreat, Rockaway, NY

Dec 4- 2022- Rejuvenate Retreat: Yoga, Meditation, Sound Therapy, Acupuncture, Foraging, Energy Work, Radiant You Wellness, Palmyra, NY

Apr 16-17- The Frequency Healing Experience Retreat: Yoga, Sound Therapy, Nature Immersion, Añasco, Puerto Rico

May 3-7, 2023- Moonlight Yoga & Sound Therapy Retreat: Yoga, Sound Therapy, Organic Food Cultivation, Creative Expression, Rincón, Puerto Rico

Aug 12-13, 2023- Solar Return Yoga, Sound Therapy & Creative Expression Overnight Camping Retreat, Stanley, NY

2022-Current: Monthly Donation-Based recurring Event: Gentle Yoga and Sound Healing with Cait Lawson, Rincón  Puerto Rico