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Emily truly has a gift. Her readings not only help people get closure after losing a loved one… but also her nurturing spirit provides much healing. She is not one of those crazy people who claim to be a medium…. she is as I like to refer to her like a “soul” doctor. Her true purpose is to provide healing for her clients in a spiritual way. Myself and 3 of my friends independently did readings and all our readings amazed each of us and most importantly we knew with out any doubt it was our loved ones she was connecting with. I would highly recommend her… especially to anyone who has doubts. Their hearts will be filled with peace! -Karen Griggs Willison

Emily is beautiful inside and out! Her gentle way of teaching and interacting with you in or out of a session leaves you feeling centered, confident, supported and grounded. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great yoga experience or energy work. Thank you Emily 🙏🏻🌻🥰 -Niki Januzzi, Owner, Yoga Love of Honeoye Falls

Emily is an amazing soul and a fabulous yoga teacher and reiki practitioner! I love her classes, you can feel the energy and love radiating out of her during her yoga class! She is kind, compassionate and always helpful whenever I have a question or need advice on something. I am blessed and grateful to have her as a partner in wellness!! 💜🥰🙏🏻 -Carrie Macrillo, Owner, Radiant You Wellness & Yoga Studio

I have known Emily for years!!! Emily is the most beautiful, genuine, sweetest and most down to earth human being you will ever meet!! I recently took a one on one yoga session with her and I highly recommend it!! Her voice is so soothing and calming, she can sense exactly what you need that day, so much so that when your done you feel this huge weight lifted off your shoulders, almost euphoric. I HIGHLY recommend reaching out to her, you will not be disappointed and will have a solid, honest friend forever to guide you on your path! I give her all the gold stars!!! -Jeri C Hanselman

Emily is highly intuitive, creative and authentic! I highly recommend Moss & Moon!💕 -Mary Bohan Sather, Owner, The Grassroots Gallery and Massage

Emily is a gifted healer. She has a calming energy that complements her work. I am an LMT who was having trouble working after losing some close friends. I am very touched by her ability and will to walk through that level of grief with me. She helped me feel my friends presence and that truly gave me peace. With her Reiki work she took me beyond that peace and provided insights and advice that have helped me build armor and work toward being the best version of myself. She has definitely helped pull me out of a rut. I recommend booking with Emily if you’ve gone off the road but, also consider getting a tune up before you do. -Lorne Reedhead, LMT

Working with Emily was just magical. She has an uncanny way of peering into your heart and helping sort through the process of being human. Her presence & energy allowed me to feel so so so safe to explore some of my most inner vulnerabilities. Emily’s council also was tremendously helpful in figuring out a plan to negotiate the obstacles and desires for my life. If you have an opportunity to get a reading with Emily, I think it would be a disservice to yourself, and the world, to deny yourself of such a glorious experience. -Rodney Hohenstein, RYT, Personal Trainer

Emily is so talented. She brings thoughtfulness to each interaction and practice, whether it’s a tarot or angel card reading, crystal singing bowl meditation, or yoga. I have experienced a variety of the services she offers and have always felt warm and safe. She takes great pride and care in what she does and it shows and is greatly appreciated.- Alyssa Faticone

Not only is Emily warm and embracive, but she is also incredibly gifted as an intuitive, healer, & energy reader. She creates a safe space for her clients and holds a sacred container for your highest good. I’ve had many other readings with other intuitives and I have never felt as seen as I did in my reading with Emily. After my first reading, I know she’ll be my go to intuitive and I have already recommended her to many friends. Krystin Petzoldt., Yoga Instructor, Breathe Yoga

To say that my session with Emily was meaningful would be the greatest understatement. She is an incredibly gifted intuitive and healer, and so compassionate. I went to her for guidance on how to deal with loss and the challenges that life has brought me. I felt so authentically seen, in a way I never have before. I have already recommended her to family and friends. I am eternally grateful to have been introduced to her! Much love!! – Suzanne Johnsen

How does one possibly describe the work that Emily does – a medium, a mystic, a light bearer, an intuit, a vessel of wisdom and divine guidance? From the minute my reading began and before I shared a single word with Emily about where I was at in my head and heart, I felt heard, seen and guided in a way that aligned with everything I already suspected and longed to understand. Emily immediately went beyond the surface, putting into words feelings and experiences which felt like no one could possibly understand. Doing the shadow work and navigating the dark night of the soul can be a hard and lonely road, but with Emily’s insights, I am feeling more enlivened, enlightened, lightened, and hopeful than I have in a long time. Navigating life doesn’t have to be a complete mystery when you allow Emily to shine light into the dark corners to reveal the dawn of the soul and connect you with your divine energy source and spirit guides. Everything Emily shared with me felt so familiar, comforting, revealing and reassuring, filling in the blanks I was missing and reigniting my excitement for the future.  The synchronicities and signs which have followed my reading have continued to validate what Emily shared with me, helping me connect the dots and gain more clarity and trust in the universe, myself and the future. -Amy Cavalier, Owner of Cavalier Living

Emily is simply the best. She’s the real deal and can truly see into your soul. Her readings have been like therapy to me, and I always leave feeling confident and safe. She’s warm, understanding and genuine. I can’t recommend her enough!!! She’s truly helped me heal and look forward to my future again! 💕 -Sherry Berry

Put your seat belt on. Emily is the real deal. This life is too hard to do alone. Emily has not only helped me, but also women in my family heal. Incredible stuff. Important stuff 💜 -Courtney Coyle, PA-C

I was fortunate to receive a reading by Emily and was blown away by her intuition and abilities. Emily was authentic and made me feel completely comfortable the entire time. I have had many readings before, and Emily was one of the few who did not rush the process or make me feel as if my time was up. Emily understands that there is more to intuitive readings than connecting with spirit. She understands that individuals are drawn to her when in need of healing. Emily is not just a gifted intuitive, but a gifted healer. Anyone who feels the draw to seek spiritual counsel should contact her immediately! I personally cannot wait to go to back! -Liz Beaulac-Steele

When I moved into my new apartment I wanted to have a reading done! Emily held such beautiful space for me and my new chapter, and felt like a breath of fresh air as soon as she arrived. She was so kind in her delivery, made things seem clear, and left me feeling like I had a little more love in my heart and my life. Grateful to know her, and will absolutely be back for more. Thank you, friend!! -Laura Bliss

I had the pleasure of having a reading with Emily. I found her to be professional, intuitive and spot on. She answered all of my questions and I left with a wonderful feeling. Since then I keep remembering what she said and it becomes more and more truthful. I also have recommended a close friend for her and I  am very excited to work with her again. -Lucy Anne