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Emily is a certified e-RYT 200, RYT-500, and YACEP (continuing education provider) and has studied extensively in the US, Indonesia, and India for her master training. She has been practicing for over 16 years and teaching for over 7. She can proficiently teach hatha, ashtanga, iyengar, vinyasa, yin, gentle, and restorative yoga as well as advanced pranayama, meditation, and philosophy of yoga classes. 

Through the practice of yoga we are able to continue to meet ourselves and one another more deeply with love, kindness and compassion. Yoga is so much more than a series of asanas (poses), it is the inner work- the journey into the self that begins to enhance every corner of our lives.

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For Group Yoga classes held within the community via zoom or in person: check the calendar:  M&M Calendar

Private Tailored Custom Group Yoga Class: always includes a crystal singing bowl Savasana meditation at the end of class unless you specifiy that it is not preferred: $135.00

Private Tailored Custom 1:1 Yoga Class, 60-minute session. : $100.00

Private Tailored Custom Yoga Class, 90-minute session: $135.00




Meditation + Sound Therapy Immersions

Emily is a ceritified holistic sound meditation therapy practitioner with a focus in meditative journeys. She completed her case studies through SHIFT Meditation, specializing in working with individuals who desire to gradually come off of their medications for depression and anxiety and wish to utilize sound therapy as a substitute or supplement for nervous system regulation.

What is sound therapy? We were made to heal and respond to our natural environment
through vibratory relation, signaling, understanding & frequency alignment
during sound healing we release powerful pain-reducing neurochemicals such as
endorphins & oxytocin. When we quiet our minds our parasympathetic nervous system turns on, activating deep healing and allowing our bodies and minds to process our sensory experiences. This sacred time of resetting our vibration and resonance helps to restore and regenerate our energetic frequency.

Immersions include a wide variety of instruments: Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong, Chimes, Kalimba, Shamanic Drumming, Ocean Drum, Crystal Pyramids, Voice:

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Private Sessions (60 minutes)  $111.00

Group Sessions (60 minutes):  *inquire for details and pricing, M&M will travel to your space.





Emily is a gifted Intuitive and conducts Readings in person or via phone/zoom.

Readings may include messages and information from loved ones that have passed on, Spirit/Source, Your Guides, The Tarot, Angel Cards, the Akashic Records and Past Life Regression/Information Downloads.

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60 Minutes: $111.00

90 Minutes: $135.00





It’s time to step into your power.

Emily holds a Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Change from Nazareth College where she graduated Summa Cum Laude, and is an inductee of Sigma Beta Delta, which honors the top international students in business, management and administration based upon high academic achievement.

Her passion lies in mentoring individuals mind, body, and spirit to help them recognize their gifts, powers, and abilities. She regularly holds retreats, workshops, educational seminars, and classes centered around helping people recognize their own divinity. 

She has spent over 13 years working in corporate and private sectors building diverse international cross-functional teams and is highly experienced in hiring, managing, and driving large initiatives and complex projects in design, community service, consulting, access and inclusivity, health and wellness, and technology.

After over a decade of learning first-hand about why businesses fail to deliver on the basis of omitting the passion and real motivators of their employees, Emily decided it was time to fuse her understanding of the importance of wellbeing in the workplace and drive for sustainable business into her own company to help clients succeed in a way that speaks to their soul path.

Mentoring will gently guide you towards getting comfortable with manifesting and recognizing your own divinity. Sessions use a range of diverse self-reflection activities to get to the root of your true intentions for yourself. We will work on peeling back the layers of the stories we have told ourselves.

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45 minutes: $75.00

90 minutes: $135.00



Reiki/Energy Clearing and Channeling

Emily is a Reiki Level 3 Master Teacher, and only books Reiki and energy clearing treatments after an interview process that ensures synergy for the treatment provided. Please expect to have a brief phone or in-person interview prior to your desired appointment time.

Reiki and chakra balancing/clearing work to remove energetic blockages that have built up in our bodies over the course of time. Through the process of removing these blockages we uncover and work through emotional trauma that is deeply embedded in our behavioral patterns, and our responses to our environment.

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45-minute session: $100.00

Do you want to become a Reiki practitioner? 

*Contact M&M directly for pricing regarding Reiki Attunements, Levels 1, 2, & 3. All attunements come with a corresponding workbook and intensive day(s) long practice times.

Please note that Emily only trains practitioners on a 1:1 basis in an intensive, and will not attune you for the next level of your practice until at least a 6-month period has passed in between intensives for proper integration.